It has been confirmed: pentakwark exist!

Until recently, it was thought that the quarks can occur in threes or pairs, but last year the LHCb experiment run Sandberger confirmed the existence of the pentakwarks, consisting of four ordinary quarks and one anty-pentakwark. Now we got to confirm those observations.

Theorists about pentakwarks speculated since 1960, however, the first confirmation of their existence we got until last year, when the LHC started off with increased to 13 TeV (tera-elektron-volts). Then also in the results of collisions managed to spot the tetra and pentakwark, and so the quarks grouped into groups of four and five quarks or anti-quarks.


The latter pentakwark sometimes appear in the results of the decay particles composed of three quarks was then living for a short while a particle consisting of pentakwark and kaonu (mezonu K)

Latest analysis confirmed the statistical significance of these observations to 9 sigma, and therefore we can already be sure that pentakwark really exist. And therefore the universe continues to surprise us all the time.