Pentagon cyber weapons against ISIS

The fight against the Islamic State allowing more and more frequent terrorist attacks in Europe takes place on many fronts. In addition to the real world and soldiers attacking the database it also rolls jihadists in cyberspace where hackers work that interferes with the communication and blocking social media account. For this fight soon turns on the Pentagon as well.

Admiral Michael S. Rogers, head of Cybercom, the Pentagon for the fight in cyberspace, announced the creation of malware and digital weapons that will be used in the fight with ISIS. The Pentagon several months ago gave it no longer Cyber Command consent to carry out cyber attacks whose goal is Islamic State, but these actions will take on the intensity.

Cybercom not had the right tools to perform this task, therefore, created a group called Joint Task Force Ares, that will take care of the entrusted to its mission of harassment jihadists. A team of trained professionals will attack the financial systems for transferring money used for terrorist activities, and communication systems.

The task team will also reduce losses in the civilian population, during the execution of the tasks imposed on the ISIS. So instead of bomb shelter terrorists, will cut off communication, which will impede terrorists. Of course there will be actions offensive, but it is not Joint Task Force Ares has them have.

Joint Task Force Ares has to deal with cyber attacks against ISIS only in Iraq and Syria. At least for now, because according to Pentagon, the entity in the future can be used all over the world.