PC in the form of standing desk

The Taiwanese manufacturer has to offer a few desks, where cleverly are buried all the computer components. This time, in accordance with the trend regarding the maintenance of a healthy attitude, introduced for sale model with a movable top.
Lian-Li DK-04 is a desk with a glass table top measuring 120 x 75 cm. In the legs of the desk hid all lifting Motors design to any height with the scope of the 67.5cm to 116cm. Thanks to this we will be able to work and play not only for sitting, but also standing.

PC in the form of desk

A work desk is essentially luxury housing on a PC there is enough room for all sorts of components to 10 hard drives, up to eight cooling fans (built now with four), two sets of liquid cooling, motherboard ATX or micro ATX format or 2-slot graphics card to 320 mm in length at the front desk, you get access to four USB 3.0 ports output and audio input, RGB controller for optional back-light and the Bay in size 5.25 inch.

Lian-Li DK-04 will come up for sale on May 10, 2016 at a price of $1,5k