Patent to Cure Traumatic Stress Side-Effects with BrainWeaves

The U.S. Navy wants to treat post-traumatic stress disorder of their active soldiers combat with slight power surges in the brain. A corresponding unit of the Israeli medical technology company Brainsway has just ordered the army. The treatment technology should act against depression, tinnitus, and alcohol addiction.

Patent to Cure Traumatic Stress and Side-Effects with BrainWeave Generator
A coil generates magnetic fields on the parts of the brain to be treated. In addition, the brain cells are stimulated by slight power surges.

If the technology really works, this would help many soldiers who suffer under depression and mental disorders after war operations and have problems to return to civilian life. The device from Israel essentially consists of a helmet surrounding the head areas, closest to the brain.

A coil generates a magnetic field that is closest to brain game to be treated in that place of the head. Electric shock sent small electrical pulses to the brain cells, the doctor wants to treat and especially stimulate.

 After Combat Surgery Performed on U.S. Navy Soldiers with Patent to Cure Traumatic Stress Side-Effects with BrainWeaves Generator

The strength of such shocks can be adjusted variably, the duration of treatment varies depending on the disease. Are common treatments by approximately 20 minutes. It constantly monitored the effect of Stromströße. Electrodes of the instrument with one hand of the patient are connected. You register the smallest movements of the hand, which go back to the electric shocks in the brain. The patient feels the treatment only as a slight vibration.

The magnetic fields and electrical impulses are generated by the so-called H-coil deep TMS coil to. TMS synonymous with Transcranial Magnetic simulation. The TMS technology from Israeli Bar-Llan University was developed pliers by a research team headed by Avraham. Pliers worked at the same time as brain researchers in the United States. Patients attempts required for admission were carried out at Tel Aviv University.

Patent to Cure Traumatic Stress and Side-Effects with BrainWeave Generator_
The U.S. patient Jay Martin leaves with magnetic fields and slight power surges for depression treatment in a clinic in San Diego. Now, the Navy has acquired equipment to treat its soldiers after combat operations.

The patent for the procedure is one of the national institutes of health in the United States. However, the Institute has transferred the rights to the medical technology company Brainsway to enable the production of the device.

Manufacturer is Brainsway in Jerusalem

Brainsway Chief Executive Guy Ezekiel is the job of the United States Navy has ordered several equipment for their clinics, of particular importance. It was “a confirmation of this helmet magnetic field system”. Now civilian markets for new technology would open up. Through the electronic treatment, surgery would unnecessary in many cases.

The treatment with electricity not only in depression and stress disorder acts according to the company. Studies have shown also soothing effects in Alzheimer’s disease, Asperger’s and Parkinson’s disease, Multiple Sclerosis, severe migraine and schizophrenia. So far, the TMS therapy is used in 70 U.S. clinics. So far 6,000 patients were treated according to Braisnway. The TMS system is used also indicated for the treatment of chain-smoking in 15 medical facilities.