Park Over The City Highway In Atlanta

Park over the city highway in Atlanta

For decades, American cities are primarily were build for car traffic. Pedestrians and cyclists had rather bad cards at the city planners. That should change in Atlanta soon, because there a city highway will be built over with a large park. He is part of the urban road network and to improve the climate.

Individual car traffic with multi-lane highways in the city owned together for many years inseparable for American urban planner. In some places the streets for pedestrians have become hostile places, where one is lost without a car. Easily undo this development cannot be, the freeways are built and private transport in the own vehicle claimed his supremacy. There has been however whatever creative ideas, to change something in this State. The recent push given, is the pedestrian and not the driver in the center of town planning, coming from Atlanta.

Multi-track highway divides district in Buckhead (Atlanta)

The city in Georgia, in the South-East of the United States has a scarce half a million inhabitants, more than ten times as many people live in the metropolitan area. The Buckhead District  which has developed into a commercial center in the city with many skyscrapers and a popular residential area on the edge is located in the North of Atlanta. Visually, Buckhead is however separated by route 400 (GA400) and a railway line from the multi-lane highway built in the 90’s, Georgia State. Here is one of the roads of Atlanta.

Park Over The City Highway In Atlanta

Now the local Government has launched a project on the way that aims to improve the quality of life of the inhabitants: a large park is being built over the highway, offers recreation to the people, which connects the suburbs and improves also the climate. The architecture and city planning Rogers Partners and Nelson Byrd Woltz Landscape architects have jointly developed the Buckhead Park and now presented the plans for it. The new green space between the high-rises of Buckhead will be slightly over 700 m long.

Buckhead Park to be included in the road network of the city

The new Park is divided into three large areas. In the North there is an amphitheater for meetings, concerts and other events. In the middle lies the ‘Plaza’, from which the surrounding retail shops can be easily reached. In the third part of the resort, gardens should be applied for pure relaxation.

Park Over The City Highway In Atlanta

It is important the planners that emerges here not a secluded recreation area, but a park, which is part of the road network of the city. Commuters who take the car, includes as well as cyclists and pedestrians who use the Park on their shopping routes or to the working area.

Hope for reduction of heat using island effect

Moreover, hopes for the city by the greening their watering by rain water sufficient should be a climatic improvement in downtown. Like many cities, Atlanta also knows the heat island effect. More solar radiation is absorbed by the building and the body of construction of heat up during the day strongly. In contrast to undeveloped areas the stored heat is released at night but less and a cycle begins in which it comes through lack of air circulation to higher pollutant concentrations.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency EPA (environmental protection agency) estimates that the average annual temperature in a city 1 to 3° C above with 1 million inhabitants than their surroundings. The temperature differences can be even up to 12° C in the night. Participation by the people is now for Atlanta and its plans for the new park development.

More green ideas: labyrinth of earthen walls and habitation: mountain

In Amsterdam it is already next: next to Schiphol Airport landscape architects have created a labyrinth of earthen walls in the last few years. The unusual Park will reduce the low frequency noise of the ascending aircraft at Europe’s code airport.

And in Shanghai the architecture Office of Heatherwick Studio based in London wants to provide better air. Thomas Heatherwick has forged the audacious plan, in the trendy and compared with Soho in London artist District 50 Moganshan road in Shanghai to build a habitable wooded mountain. “Topography conceived not as a building, but as a piece of”, the architect explains his idea that we present on this page.