Panasonic Egzo-Skeleton will be ready for sell by September 2016

The company Panasonic and exactly one of its branches called Activelink is working on so that you will be able to offload the entire spine and support muscle strength. But this also arises a powerful charger inspired cult Power Loader from the movie “Aliens”.

Activelink has two such solutions. AWN-03 is already used in some workplaces. His job is to offload lumbar spine. The company provides that its means of basically raising items weighing up to 15 kg. PLN-01 nicknamed Ninja works a little differently, because it gives relief to legs.

Panasonic Announces that in the plans is also a variant of supporting the upper parts of the body, which enables hassle-free lifting items weighing up to 45 kg.

The most interesting thing presents itself however, Panasonic Power Loader, which is a huge robot Aliens from the movie inspired by the exoskeleton, on Board of which the main character put up a fight with the Xenophon Queen. The company is hoping that such a solution perfectly on construction side or crisis situations.