2mE Bike Patent For Oval Chain Ring, Simple And 30% More Effective

2mE Bike Patent for Oval Chain Ring, simple and 30% more effective

It looks very funny, in fact this oval chain ring is 30% more powerful than any other. That’s why it is so effective. Engineers from Thuringia developed a drive for the bike, which transmits the power of the legs considerably better. The idea of the better torque goes even in series.

A cyclist’s strength is transmitted only on the chainring when the legs are on the downward movement. Transfer that figuratively on the dial a watch, get the wheel only thrust, moving the crank between two and four o’clock.

Is the shoe firmly with the pedal so with clipless pedals, is still the area between eight and ten o’clock to where the cyclists pedal pulls up. The other leg movements are also more or less strenuous, but ineffective for coming forward.

Oval chain ring with better torque and 30% more power

At the EUROBIKE in Friedrichshafen, established in 1897 and surviving in the meantime as VEB Thuringian companies has introduced a new, purely mechanical drive system Gull bikes, that converts the leg power an extended “clockwise range” in driving. The chainring is erratic as usual, but slightly elliptical. And the crank is not only centrally attached, but has a second connection to the chain wheel.

Thus the inconsequential effort over a wide range of the “dial” is converted into force, that propels the bike. Cyfly call the engineers from Mühlhausen their new system that saves at least one third of the force necessary for a regular bike at the same speed or significantly increased the pace with equal effort. The cyclists also much easier handled climbs.

2mE Bike Patent For Oval Chain Ring, Simple And 30% More Effective

The crank is apparently more

“You reach better performances than with conventional crank drives”, Seagull. “And mechanically by your own strength, but you will not feel the permanent thrust of E-bikes, probably but also not to miss.”

Expressed in terms of engineering that sounds like: “With the Cyfly drive, we move towards a 166.5 mm long crank and generate the torque of a 223,9 mm long crank.” This means: the total torque is increasing by one-third. The wheel is harder by Cyfly however, to exactly 1950 g, if one subtracts the conventional drive saved weight.

“The average 4 km/h faster let drive it with the Cyfly drive, also knie – and joints”, promises Gull CEO Tobias Spröte.

Engineers want to make the drive easier

Beginning 2017 will be the first premium wheels with Cyfly in the trade. Then the slogan from 1930 to apply again: “In flight across the country with Gull”. But the company, an engineered prototype, the drive system does not itself builds.

2mE Bike Patent For Oval Chain Ring, Simple And 30% More Effective

Head of Mitec automotive from Eisenach car suppliers.

The drive technology currently consists of high-strength aluminium and high-alloyed steels. But the engineers are working to make the drive easier. “Thanks to our research collaboration with the University of applied sciences Schmalkalden we are can make Cyfly components in the future from materials such as carbon or natural fibers with the help of 3D with us in Germany”, so the company, which has secured its system with numerous patents. A retrofit of conventional wheels is not possible for the time being, but planned.

A no less thrilling drive technology has developed the industrial designer Florian Mayer. He has equipped his E-bike urban rush with two engines. In addition to the invisible rear-engine, there is a further engine in the front hub, which stores braking energy and emits during startup.

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