Otzi Man

Since today you can watch 3D Printed 5300 y/o Otzi Man

The world famous Glacier Otzi Man was cloned four times. The three original copies are from the 3D printer with special feature. Is made from resin and hand-painted.

Not only in his lifetime even 5300 years later Ötzi’s quite what. The glacier mummy that was found in 1991 in the Ötztal Alps between Italy, Austria, is an object of desire for researchers. For out of it you can read out many secrets from the Neolithic. Ötzi is housed at -6°C and a humidity of 98% in Bolzano since 1998.

Months long work and a multi-stage process were necessary until copy was erady to perform. Ötzi will be presented on Wednesday by the Director of the South Tyrol of Museum of archeology, Angelika Fleckinger, in Bolzano. It’s a reconstruction was edited by hand, which originated in cooperation with Cold Spring Harbor DNA Learning Center in New York.

Computer tomography recordings as a basis for copies from the 3D printer

The already existing Computer tomography images of the Mummy served as the basis for the reconstruction of the original. The Ötzi copy as a blank in a 3D printer, layer for layer, made of resin and air-tight in a liquid bath was created with this data. The much more difficult part of the reconstruction of the famous began as the blank out of the 3D printer was cured.

Then beat the hour for the award-winning American pale-artist Gary Staab. He had traveled specifically last summer after Bolzano, to examine the original glacier extensively. Staab has already created reconstructions of extinct creatures for the most important American museums.

Free reconstruct of the hands as a challenge

Together with his team, modeled the shape of the Mummy to the artist in months of work and painted Ötzi by hand. Especially the free reconstruction of hands was the Gary Staab paleo team face a major challenge. Because the hands were not been considered by the computer tomography. At the end, Gary Staab added the hip injury on the body of the Iceman in small work.

Otzi Man

Ötzi was extremely sick

The approximately 45-year-old glacier man, who lived about 5300 years ago, according to today’s scientific knowledge must be regarded as extremely sick. It was settled by worms, suffered from diarrhoea and arthritis, dragged himself Despite atherosclerosis through the high mountains of the Alps.

Also, his teeth resembled a hodgepodge of worn and dead teeth, periodontal disease and caries bothered him. Lactose intolerance made difficult life for him, his lungs were black from the smoke of an open fire.

Several attacks on the primitive man

Ötzi died despite all these sufferings and diseases: Not is. At his discovery in September 1991, the glacier man had several broken ribs and an arrowhead stuck in his left shoulder. In addition, researchers found that Ötzi suffered a severe traumatic brain injury. Ötzi died so any natural causes. Held up but long millenniums. And now even three doubles.

Travelling exhibition “The ice man”

Two of the replicas from the 3D printers go to branches of the DNA Learning Center in New York. A copy is first at the South Tyrol Museum of Archaeology in Bolzano. In the autumn of 2017, this resin Ötzi go as “The ice man” traveled through the United States and Canada