Otto Kit drive autonomously even older trucks

If you could just upgrade to the autonomous driving technology. It’s in the near future, promising American start-up “Otto” will make it happen. The company has developed a kit which can be installed in older trucks.

This start-up has potential. For the founders, engineers from the IT and automotive industry, know what they do. Anthony Levandowsky was head of the autonomous driving on Google project, Lior Ron was responsible for the product of maps. Apple’s top engineers, Tesla and other companies have gathered around the two founders. “The brightest minds in this business”, not very humble says Levandowsky.

Also, it takes a little volume are heard. Finally large companies have carried out so far as Volvo and Daimler the topic occupied self-propelled trucks and already a series of practical tests. The young company “Otto” goes its own way: the company wants to prove that you can retrofit older trucks with a relatively simple Kit to autonomous vehicle.

Only very vague information about the technology

The technicians in California have designed a ‘set of sensors, software and extensions”, which can be equipped with fast existing vehicles. It’s also everything, what tells the company about the technique. But she have the practical test on a public highway already behind him. Now, security data are evaluated and “expand opportunities”.

Foto: Otto
Foto: Otto

It remains vague. It is clear, however, that the developers only targeting the U.S. highways. There the driver is able to leave really control the system. On small country roads and in the city he must go but still even. Probably, even a private Highway just for autonomous trucks will be built in the U.S.

Autonomous driving truck to be safe

What blessings it would bring, if only electronically controlled trucks were on the way, calculates “Otto” in numbers. First the efficiency gains through less empty runs: today takes place every seventh ride in the United States without goods. A truck share of 70 percent of the total movement of goods, this is undoubtedly a lot.

Add the environmental gain come through fewer emissions, and last but not least, there will be fewer accidents. According to the company eight people due to accidents with trucks die currently in the United States every day. It will also increasingly difficult to find people for the driver job. Last year already 50,000 riders would have been missing, in a few years there were three times as many.

All good reasons for the autonomous truck. When the technology will be but mature and marketable, about the bright minds at Otto make no predictions. As always on the subject, there are also high legal hurdles. Perhaps there are Yes but the partially autonomous systems such as the Platooning, that have a more realistic chance.