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New Torture Laboratory in U.S.A. build for… Astronauts

Odd is an understatement. This room has walls with a thickness of 30 meters! Complain to the level of noise in the cities or in the workplace, are increasingly proposed as a so-called “open space’y”. However, it appears that being in absolute silence for man is unbearable.

You were once silent in a professional recording studio? The man who first comes to this room feels very strange, uncomfortable. His voice sounds completely different. In theĀ  Orfield Laboratory in Minneapolis in the us is even weirder. According to the Guinness Book of records, it absorbs it 99.9% of the sounds, the quietest place on Earth. This allows the special construction of the walls, floor and ceiling, which silent and absorbs electromagnetic radiation.

Walls with a thickness of as little as 30 m.

Perfect soundproofing allow concrete walls with a thickness of 30 cm, cover of the fiberglass, steel and special wedges, protruding from the walls at different angles. The person inside the room do not hear anything except … sounds issued by your body, literally!

As the creator, Steven Orfield, being in it more than human power. Although it seems unlikely, the lack of any stimulus that is one of the cruelest torture.

Hallucinating after 30 minutes

What happens to a man in silence? After a few minutes spent inside the Chamber hearing adapts to silence. However, the inability to focus on whatever sound is for the brain situation abnormal consistency, the man begins to be irritated. Then adapt hearing intensifies and audible become sounds, yet we would not be able to hear, because it cover other natural sounds. However, once with each another minute to human consciousness reaches that he hears the beating of own heart, and even the work of lungs, he begins to bump into panic. After about half an hour a man is not able to keep up on their own two feet and must sit down, begin to hallucinate.

The world record for staying in this Chamber is … 45 minutes.

The same is true in space, and just so it looks like these.

The right purpose to built chamber is experiments on humans. Currently mainly is in her new equipment such as phones, computers, small appliances or cars. There is in them a precise measurement of the emission of electromagnetic waves and the level of volume.

The extraordinary impact of the extreme silence the man also interested researchers from other fields. Due to the similarity of the acoustic conditions in the Chamber and in the universe, are often in it subjects the astronauts. NASA experts are testing endurance in people who are preparing for space missions, their ways of dealing with peace, as well as examine, after which time he gets them hallucinations.

Sam Orfield admits that leaves a room up to 30 minutes. Not being able to endure the “noise” of his heart valves.