Opening of world's biggest solar farm
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Opening of world’s biggest solar farm

India, which last very dynamically developing in past decade have a serious problem with air pollution, so trying to prevent it ambitiously, investing in green technologies. And you can see the effects: Today is great opening of there largest solar farm in the world.

The project named Kamuthi Solar Power Project, which was established in the State of Tamilnadu in the South of the country, is a 10 square kilometers and has the power to 648 MW, making it the largest solar farm in one site, taking over the baton from California, Topaz Solar Farm.

Opening of world's biggest solar farmThe entire farm, consisting of 2.5 million solar modules (which are cleaned up by robots), was built in a record 8 months, and with it, India crossed the border 10 with gigawatt power of previous record. Totally offer all the solar power plants for the district.

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