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One Place Where You Should Avoid Technology

Check SMS during the motorcycling without risk of accident? This should allow a display windshield from Samsung. In the inside scoops that disapproves windshield smart however.

On a passing motorcycle which Smartphone can pull out, answer SMS or make calls? That is forbidden in most countries of the world. 25% of the Italian Youth ignored this prohibition however, reported Samsung cited statistics from the Italian automobile club.

A devastating and dangerous development which would counteract the South Korean group with new technology: smart with the windshield.

Display windshield shows incoming calls and SMS

The smart transparent display windshield at the bottom of the windshield integrates mobile with machine. Connects via Bluetooth with the Smartphone and is while driving without further ADO to the Info Center. It shows for example names of incoming callers and short messages, could be used but according to Samsung in the future as a navigation device.

Where You Should Avoid Technology
Smart windshield from Samsung: the biker looks on the display windshield while driving incoming SMS and phone calls.

The driver can be his Smartphone display even while driving, without however having to take their hands off the wheel. Creating long text responses is not provided here. The user can send messages button instead, about” go straight, get back to you as soon as possible.”

Critics consider gadget to be dangerous

Samsung expects that smart windshield makes safe driving for motorcycles. The group must be the question on this one, can however fallen critically, whether the gadget itself is not a dangerous distraction. “Sometimes you get trying to stress a emotional texts or call someone or very long messages”, such as Bob Smith commented on a promotional video from Samsung.

“This is bad enough in the car, but worse on a motorcycle.” Lou reeves expressed even more clearly: “you guys are really that stupid? As bikers would not had enough to focus.”

Smart windshield is so far just a prototype

It is also still unclear whether the windscreen actually goes into series production. So far, Samsung has incorporated in the framework of mixed talent platform that brings creative from various disciplines into contact, can be developed only a prototype and a Tricity of 125 of the cooperation partner of Yamaha. Plans for a commercial product does not exist at this time allegedly yet.

One place where technology is welcome. Projected by NAVDY (US) on the distance small mobile memo is far safer to looking for a mobile in the pocket and drive. Looks like Samsung Engineers don’t understand the difference between disturbance and safety.

Technology companies develop new display technology for cars. Two young entrepreneurs have developed in San Francisco Navdy. The so-called head-up display projected content of the Smartphone directly on the windshield. For the driver, it looks like about the image would float two meters from the disc. He can turn his gaze always on the road.