Oldest civilization in the world

Oldest civilization in the world

Although it was before suspected that a genetic testing confirmed with certainty the indigenous people of Australia, the indigenous aborigines are officially the oldest living civilization of the world.

International Danish-German-Australian-Swiss-Spanish team of scientists examined the DNA of residents of Papua New Guinea and Australia, and the researchers were able to track down traces of Aboriginal reaching up to 50 thousand years back. These studies have shown that aborigines probably first crossed the ocean first they got on a boat off the coast of Asia and they went boldly ahead.

The interesting thing is that they also crossed paths with other representatives of the subfamily homininae to this day their descendants carry in their mark in the form of about 4% coming probably from this mating genes (for comparison, the people of the world living outside Africa have from 1 to 6% of the genes from Neanderthal) these are the genes of an unknown us relative, whose identity cannot be determined exactly.

This Aboriginal name-derived from the Latin ab origin meaning “from the beginning” takes on new meaning.