More office cameras with malware installed

Mike Olsen, Blogger and security expert warns, with whom he met on the site looking for the Amazon external webcam for monitoring. Found on a set of 6 x, together with the necessary accessories, turned out to be a real “treat”.

To configure the device, log on to the Administrator page Olsen. The first thing that drew attention was the interface, which does not have the standard options and settings. As they were essential, he started to look for them in the html code of the page. Instead, he found a local frame of the suspected link, who decided to investigate closer.

The first answer was search for password in camera malware.

Probably many users do not even caught attention. The seller has great stats, and its product is a very good offer. Bitdefender experts say that you should always be careful what you buy on the Internet. The above example shows how motivated are the cyber criminals to infect our machines. Without antivirus protection, the more active to ensure the effects of malicious software.