Just like IKEA: Formula 1 Designer builds off-roader for hand-assembling

Disassemble in 60 items and send the package: this is the principle of OX off-roader for developing countries. Designer is Gordon Murray, who became famous with the McLaren F1 Supercar.

What do to to be able to ship trucks more affordable in developing countries? The answer of the manufacturer’s global vehicle trust (GVT) of London: build a truck called ox, which can be put together according to the IKEA principle of 60 items. This enables a space-saving transport. Six kits packaged in cardboard boxes fit into an eleven meter long standard shipping container.

Ox “mini truck” can be assemble in twelve hours

The screwed sheets of plywood to the truck can be put together on site. The five-speed-manual transmission as the engine  2.2L four-cylinder suction diesel with 100 Horsepower and 310 nm is already integrated into the chassis, torque. The 16-inch wheels with disc brakes are given. Complex construction works are not necessary. According to GVT, three men need only 12 hours to transform the kit supplied in a package in a mobile truck.

It is surprising who hides behind the design of the ox. No less as Gordon Murray a South African engineer and former Formula 1 racing car designer who helped develop even the McLaren F1. Murray with the ox pays even a small tribute to this legendary Super sports car. Because the steering wheel is also foldable truck in the middle. It has also a pragmatic reason. The engineer thus has special requirements for right and left hand traffic so ox can be shipped all over the world.

For 13 people in the connectable truck

The 4.23 m long ox although not particularly chic looks, but practical: the 1.6 t light truck has 7000 l storage space, which is sufficient for three europallets or 13 people. He is to cope with almost any terrain.

That predestines him for transporting water, grain, fertilizer and building materials in difficult accessible areas. And if to ox once firmly in the sand, items, the backseat as sand sheets can be used. Frankly the form “follows the function simply”, Murray says the car design news online magazine. “I was always clear, that’s ugly would be at the end. “But so far no one has complained.”

And when comes to the usage of ox? This is still in the stars. So far, GVT has built prototypes with an investment of three to four million pounds. Now, the British company is looking for an investor to be able to go into mass production.