Ocean of liquid water under the "heart" of Pluto

Ocean of liquid water under the “heart” of Pluto!

Pluto does not cease to amaze us. The latest news from scientists from NASA show us that it hides from us yet many fascinating mysteries.

Ocean of liquid water under the "heart" of PlutoOne of them had just discovered, and it is the famous “heart” that hides under the ocean water in liquid form! Not only that, the water is there as much as is found in all the oceans on the planet.

Researchers from the University of California and the Massachusetts Institute of technology have made this discovery, by analyzing the photos and data obtained from the New Horizons probe. It turns out that the area called Tombaugh, in honor of the discoverer of Pluto, is ocean water with a diameter of two thousand kilometers.

Interestingly, it is up from 150 to 200 kilometers below the frozen surface. But that’s not all, because he may have even ocean 100 kilometers deep.

The latest discovery in a beautiful way shows that this dwarf planet is full of more diverse geology, than us so far.


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