Obsession. Every British car is filmed four times per hour

35 million car license plates collected currently every day in the UK by surveillance cameras. Five years ago, there were 14 million only. Automated monitoring of the traffic increases so rapidly in any other country. Meanwhile, the authorities can create almost complete motion profiles.

While vigorous in debated in Germany was, whether connection data now two weeks or deleted after half a year, are stored in the national ANPR data centre in the vicinity of London now $ 22 trillion data. Data, providing the authorities with a lot of opportunities. When was which car moved where? There is the same rides every day? What deviations there typically?

Every British car is filmed four times per hour
Traffic of police in North Yorkshire: the recordings of the cameras in police cars are stored centrally in the national ANPR Data Centre. Vicinity of London and evaluated. Photo: North Yorkshire Police

The monitoring density is now enormous in the United Kingdom. Average every passing car is captured and recorded in the central computer at least four times per hour. Four times per hour. Previously stored this data for two years. In the future, it should be seven years. At the same time want the British authorities automates movement profiles for create, which then allow conclusions on the life habits of the driver or owner. No second country is going so far.

Since ten years British have automatic license plate capture system.

In modern British usage, the speech is only of APNR. APNR stands for Automated Number Plate Recognition, including automatic acquisition of flag of course, pass through the control points. The beginnings date back ten years in the UK. Since 2006, the data are not only captured, but promptly reported to a central computer in Hendon in London.

Officially, there are nationwide 8300 devices. This official figure should be long since obsolete. Experts assume that the number of surveillance cameras in the transport area has long since exceeded the figure of 10,000. Most cameras are fixed – black boxes that are smaller than conventional CCTV cameras.

Every British car is filmed four times per hour
British police cars are equipped with recording cameras. This ANPR cameras record the license plate and send the data to the ANPR headquarters near London. Recovered vehicles which are written out to the Manhunt, the police patrol can respond immediately.

Similarly unremarkable, they hide in the highway signs to parking lot driveways, gas stations, shopping malls and countless other places. There are also mobile devices. Specify, for example, the roof of each British police vehicle.

Over 10,000 surveillance cameras in traffic

The task of these devices is not the acquisition of traffic offenders that overtake or drive at red light turn on the lights in the overtaking. The United Kingdom wants to know who moves whenever and wherever. Also, the captured flags are compared with the acts of the Central Admissions and the data of the insurer.

It turns out that a driver or owner is searched by the police, that his vehicle is untaxed, uninsured and with case TÜV on the road, it is written off immediately to Interpol. Police can intervene immediately if they get shown that moves a wanted vehicle nearby.

The police in combating crime has, so far, the greatest benefit of ANPR. When burglaries and muggings, the police from the ANPR central computer on request can immediately learn which vehicles in the vicinity of the crime scene were. Can be also be seen whether the same cars had been registered for similar crimes in the past about. This is also an important reason for the rapid expansion of the ANPR network.