Not a good idea for x-mess |This E-boards as dangerous Christmas temptation.

So-called E-boards are the most dangerous Christmas gift of the year: light apartments and lead to life-threatening falls. Read here why authorities raise the alarm.The 21 October 2015 was a holiday for fans of the classic of film “Back to the future 2”: because in the film protagonist landed Marty McFly on this day in the future, after he was promoted on October 26, 1985 in a time machine. In this future – our present – he found a special technical gadget: the hoverboard – a floating skateboard. Of course not really are BB´s. Yet many manufacturers have used the hype to get something similar on the market: so-called E-boards, also mini Segway, Waveboard, Swagway or just somewhat misleading hoverboard.

Driver controls E-Board with shifting of body weight

The skateboard-like E-boards work as follows: A gyroscope in the footplates detects when the driver behind or to the sides shifting body weight forward, and causes the appropriate commands to the hub motors. With power from lithium-ion batteries, they then move the E-Board in the desired direction. In advertising, manufacturers thanks to this technology promise relaxed cruising in everyday life. But the reality is quite different.

The arm is refracted technology editor, 15 year old dies.

Not a good idea for x-mess 1
One of the most dangerous features of cheaper E-boards: the wheels lock abruptly to protect the unit from overheating. The risk of falling is immense. Photo: Smart Balancewheel

While brands E-boards cost around €1500, numerous low-cost variants from €300 are available. Such a device was the editor of the journal c ´ t under the magnifying glass. The shock was followed by after first promising trials prompt: the wheels blocked abruptly to protect the unit from overheating. Roll out the incorrect display. Accordingly, the editors on the nose flew–one had to be hospitalized with a complicated elbow fracture in the hospital.

In London there was even one death: A 15-year-old crashed with his Board, was run over by a bus and died, the BBC reported. So far, it is unclear whether the blocking wheels are responsible for the accident.

E-boards raise apartment fires

And what happens if the overheating protection will not start and rows topple people? Then, the devices catch fire without further ADO. In the United States, for example, a man was amazed after he gave his grandson a 300 pound expensive hoverboard.

Loading exploded the device, reports the daily mail. In London there were similar incidents already three apartment fires, in the U.S. State of Louisiana, a whole house burned down immediately. The U.S. Consumer Protection Agency CPSC is alerted and investigated already ten accidents involving the E-boards caught fire.

Fortunately, authorities and traders react: in Britain, for example, the authorities of 17,000 introduced hoverboards have collected 15,000. Online retailer Amazon has also pulled the emergency brake and the boards from the program. And even airlines such as Lufthansa and Air Berlin grant the dangerous devices travel ban.