Norway-German Green Walls City Project

They are green, the large walls in the middle of Oslo. And when you close it, you can see hundreds of tiny plants and mosses.

They are a new air filters in the Norwegian city. Four young founders from Dressen come up with a simple and crazy idea: Green Walls can be arrange as advertising messages.

Norway-German Green Walls City Project

Why do green areas have actually always on the ground? Why not upright in the middle of the city? Who’s going through Oslo, she can now see, the first CityTrees of the start ups green city solutions. However, the CityTrees are no trees, but just large areas where proper Moose and smallest plants grow.

The 4 m high and 3 m wide walls of wood covered on both sides with climate-friendly plants. Up to 1682 plants fit on both sides. But they bring not only green in the city.

Norway-German Green Walls City Project_

They filter dust and oxides of nitrogen from the air and absorb carbon. “Unlike conventional filter media living mosses absorb the dirt particles from the air and convert it into biomass,” explains Peter Sänger, engineer and one of the four founders of the green city solutions.

So far, the CityTree prototypes in particular on events and fairs were employed. The first stationary CityTree was raised in Dresden. Oslo is the second long planned location. Reutlingen is a candidate number 3.

Norway-German Green Walls City Project Planned Variants with Hot-Spots and Bus Stops

But in the long run the CityTrees to protect the cities also the consequences of climate change. So can reduce the CityTrees due to the ongoing irrigation of the green area by up to 17 degrees directly to the surface.

Norway-German Green Walls City Project__

Now, the Saxons are working on other variants. CityTrees with Wi-Fi via Hotspot and a biomass are possible. But also integrated food and energy production are conceivable, as well as in combination with other infrastructures such as bus stops, ticket and parking ticket vending machines or package stations.

The plants can be arranged to company logos, fonts, and images. Also, plastic pixels can be fitted between the plants. Even readable QR code can be integrated. And even at the plants, the possibilities are enormous: 3000 different plants and mosses can be integrated in the display.

Norway-German Green Walls City Project___

How very green spaces improve the microclimate with Norway-German Green Walls City Project, also the owner of a building in Medellin has detected. He has even a green space at the front a 92 m high building attached.