Ninja Lanternsark – Shark with BIO-Flash Light

Sounds unbelievable, but it’s true. Vicky Vásquez and his team from the Pacific Shark Research Center in California during the tests stumbled upon the shark, which is lit.

From the black predators beats bright light. His second face manifests itself at night, when its black shell there is a chemical reaction. Skin starts to emit light, just as in the skylight. Surrounding Luna on the one hand as a deterrent to predators, on the other hand allows him to blind a victim.
The species was named Etmopterus benchleyi. It’s a nod to the American author Peter Benchleya, which is known primarily from the bestselling “Jaws”.

Ninja Lanternsark is flashing and emitting continues light.

Explorer Vásquez decided to come up with a less official name for the wonder of nature. Consult with the youngest members of your family, including an 8-year-old. The children offered to the shark was called Super Ninja Shark. Finally stood on the Ninja Lanternshark.

Ninja Lanternsark occurs in the Eastern Pacific Ocean. Can grow to. 45 inches.