A nightmare? This application finds all the profiles on the Internet

On the Russian market there is a new application that is gaining incredible popularity. It is called FindFace and allows for the execution of the photos, and then find all profiles in social media and Government sites.

One click and you already know about this person everything. A nightmare? No, this is a new application that can indicate all subject profiles in social media and on the Web sites of public administration. The application has supposedly 70 percent efficiency and can even capture the faces in the photos.


It has been used for more than half a million people, and through it raised three million queries. Interestingly, the application does not infringe any law. Uses because exclusively from data that we provide to the public and your name and photo. So before we start to resent its creators can let us turn more attention to what is actually available to the public on the Internet.

Simple algorithm is comparing your photo with billions of images worldwide.