Diabolic Chemical Reaction NH4Cr2O7 + HgSCN

Many chemical reactions can get in a stupor and positively delight people watching them. However, sometimes there are also those that can cause horrible horror, as seen in the video below.

We can safely say that the ending is reminiscent of the opening of the gates of hell, which is trying to get out into the world alone Satan. And really this is the distribution of ammonium dichromate (NH4Cr2O7) and the combustion reaction of mercury (II) thiocyanate (HgSCN).

Orange powder are ammonium dichromate, and after being set aflame, a nitrogen gas, water and mercury (II) thiocyanate, which is this black powder, which resembles a volcano.

Probably wondering, what are these tentacles of the kraken? Well, this is the effect of mercury (II) thiocyanate heating. In the course of the reaction, white clusters are developing under the influence of heat, to end up as a dark mass, which is called the “Serpent of the Pharaoh”.

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