Newly Engineered mini-hotels for climbers

Newly Engineered mini-hotels for climbers

Are you looking for an adventure? Then, the Dean of winter cabin in the Slovenian mountains right might be. The narrow cabin of wood and aluminum towers over a cliff and is a place to sleep.

“The Kanin” winter cabin requesting from guests some courage. From the 2.4 m2 narrow box made of wood and aluminum rises to half of it over a cliff, held by steel cables. Inside the mini hotel is divided into two parts. On the back, resting on the rock, benches and shelves are on both sides for the short rest in between antlers welcomes the climbers.

Newly Engineered mini-hotels for climbersOn the front, free jutting into the air, moved in three floors. So are nine beds. The Clou: All sleep levels provide spectacular views of the SOCA Valley, the highest mountain in Slovenia Triglav and the Adriatic Sea with a panorama window. A view that more than makes up for the disgruntled courage.

Will the “cabin of extreme” withstand the weather ?

Inventor of the 4.9 m “Kanin Winter Cabin” are architects of the Slovenian Office “Ofis”. For them, the mini-hotel is an experiment. The designer explore accommodation for climbers with engineers specializing in wooden buildings.

The requirements for the cabin, which was brought by a helicopter on the mountain was very complicated. The accommodation should be as compact as possible and as little as possible to affect the nature.

Newly Engineered mini-hotels for climbersAnd she must resist on the other extreme weather: on top of the mountain of 2,583 m high Kanins, downpours with rainfall of to 363 liters per square meter and snowfall with more than ten meters are not uncommon in winter. Even earthquakes occur. Whether the small cabin of wood and aluminum long survives these extreme conditions?

Alternative: Lodges on a wall in Peru

No desire for mountaineering in Slovenia? No problem. For hotel lovers who are looking for a kick, offer alternatives. In Peru, there are glass-enclosed lodges, the 400 m high hanging in the wall in the Sacred Valley. There is a small platform, from which guests enter her room through a skylight above the capsule.

To get there, they must either climb the wall or cope with a way by the leader lines. Courage is also required.

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