New year tips for engineers: Changing career and how to pass any interview.

New 2016 is on the corner. Take a minute to look for a better job. At your imminent year talking with the boss? No need for beads of sweat on his forehead. With these tips, engineers master the meeting with flying colors.

changing career and how to pass any interview
In December and January, the annual event in the calendar – an often unpleasant duty for employees is available in many companies. So the meeting is relaxed and you make a good impression, we have put together some tips.

1. before the call: create a track record

There is a tendency dates that take care of discomfort, in the farthest corner of the consciousness to banish. At the annual meeting, you to shoot an own goal. Rather you should start preparing at an early stage. What do you mean? Combine your services in a track record in writing. Be specific with numbers, data and facts. Then they have a solid basis for the discussion.

2. prior to the interview: do you assess yourself

It is important to present the own successes. But, it is at least as important to be aware of the own deficits. Which projects were, for example, not good? What was it? How do workflow and teamwork in the future improve? Go through these questions in my head and sketch answers and possible counter-arguments. This ensures that she throws anything out of the car so quickly in conversation.

3. prior to the talk: take a moment of rest

Fear and stage fright prevent many employees from talking confidently to the own positions. Therefore you should provide relaxation before the meeting: you walk a round, drink another Cup of tea in the canteen or chat with a colleague about God and the world. Watch out also for a deep and quiet breathing. It relaxes the body and the brain indicates that it has to expect anything bad.

4. when the talk: pay attention to your posture

Now the moment has arrived and you are sitting with your boss in a room. Maintain calm breathing and sit comfortably but upright. See their superiors directly in the eyes. This indicates that you have nothing to hide. Another tip: when excitement you not notice often people talk too fast. Contact aware something on the brake pedal – also if your words under the influence of adrenaline may be you a bit too slowly. You speak then most likely precisely in the the pace that radiates calmness and seriousness.

5. during the discussion: prove that you can deal with criticism

In the course of the conversation, probably also criticism on you will come to. What you then do not do: lift the shield and return fire, eingeschnappt to react or be justified in scary. Rather: Remain factual and show criticism. Please your boss to examples, so that they can correctly classify the criticism. Then you can go together constructively on the problem solution – without disturbing emotions. If you keep even a good mood, they prove their superiors so that you have self-confidence and leadership skills.

6. during the discussion: show personal initiative

At least as important as the criticism: Show personal initiative in conversation. Tell your boss what you want to accomplish in the next year. Talk with him, where appropriate, training that you would like to visit, or projects that you are interested in. This shows that they have their own ideas, bring the company forward. A property that provides guaranteed benefits.

7. after the conversation: make a summary in bullet points

Take time after the conversation, to indicate in writing agreed objectives. Then you notice also, that you have addressed all the key points and understand everything. If not: just ask for a brief talk. You should resist but one: salary negotiations. Usually, they are not the topic of the year conversation.

There are also companies which abolish the appraisals and replace with the review with colleagues. In an online poll, each employee can distribute to his colleagues “Star”. Whether that’s better?

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