New Volvo Doesn’t need a car key, your mobile will do

Car doors open without having to dig before the key. Start the engine without fumbling around at the ignition lock. When the Swedish carmaker Volvo made vehicles that can be in the future controlled via Bluetooth unlock and start button. Special app left no chance to thief.The driver is approaching his car. As if by magic, the door lock unlocked. He straps on and pressing the Start button. The engine starts, the ride begins. All without a key, at least without a classic with beard or an e hiding, for example, in a large credit-card case. Volvo, the Swedish carmaker, which belongs to the Chinese car company Geely, replaces the key with an app on your Smartphone.

Almost all mobile devices are equipped with a broadcasting system called Bluetooth. This sends out an encrypted signal that receives an antenna close to the drivers door. Promptly, the door is unlocked. The range of the transmitter is one meter, just to avoid that criminals also received eavesdropper, save and use on occasion, to steal the vehicle.

Smartphone on Electronics: Start free!

In the Interior of the vehicle, the Smartphone further communicates with the electronics. You say that a person has gone. Then unlock the drive-away lock, the motor can be started. All this is done in seconds.Volvo Cars digital keyVolvo

Cars digital key

Who wants to protect themselves from thieves must take however additional precautions. The above described most convenient version, the danger is that the signal is copied by a villain, tagging along behind the car owners. This can be prevented by the Bluetooth function is activated only upon arrival at the own vehicle. It should also be possible to incorporate an additional barrier around a PIN or identification via fingerprint.

Battery empty? Then Volvo jumps in

And when the battery is empty? Then nothing more we can do. Martin Rosenqvist, responsible for Volvo as Director for new developments, believes that such a case will rarely occur. Multiple new possibilities of use of smartphones, such as the electronic ticket, the owners forward would make sure that do not run out of steam comes from the battery.

Also, Volvo wants to set up a hotline that you can call with a still-functional phone. Then, Volvo open the car door, so the promise. Leave the owner could however only if the cell phone battery is a bit loaded least making the Smartphone with the on-board electronics can communicate. There, one can only hope that the outlet provides power when the ignition is not on.

Test at a car rental company in Gothenburg, Sweden

The technology is being tested now by the Swedish car company Sunfleet at the airport from Gothenburg. Customers get the code for your car directly via mobile phone. Standing at, is no longer necessary to get papers and keys in reception. Families can benefit from the technology by all driving eligible get the code. A check is then no longer is just with the family car. It is possible to also save several codes, if there are several family cars. Or if employees are to make use of in the company fleet.

The first Volvo cars, which opens via Bluetooth and start, to be offered in 2017. Who is wary of this technique will get his key in the future, promises to Volvo.