Be carefull. New virus is blocking Smartphones

Currently, there is a nasty virus in circulation, which can turn smartphones into total damage. It spreads via WhatsApp. Read here, what is its mesh.

In the Messenger WhatsApp following message is spreading: “find out who from your friends are on chat.” An update to tell you which friends when in contact with each other. Sounds tempting, or? But as soon as possible, you should delete the message. A test of Mimikama – an international coordinating body in Austria, fighting against Internet abuse shows what happens otherwise.

Rogue update completely paralysing Smartphon. Like this new virus is blocking your mobile.

And that’s the mesh of the virus of that the testers have deliberately gone on the glue: the virus claims for the new feature of WhatsApp, it is necessary to install an upgrade on the Samsung Galaxy Touch Edge. The click on the button “Update now” but results not to upgrade, but straight to the Smartphone hell. The appliance starts to vibrate.

Smartphone with WhatsApp virus

Why, it is completely unclear, write the Tester from Mimikama. “According to our analysis we could no longer get our test mobile phone, which was only on the vibrating started. We can not say what’s happened or happens in the background.” It so far but only Android devices seem to be affected.

Viruses: Friends cut themselves unwittingly in the Pan

Spread the virus like wildfire, is located on an another nasty trick of the programmers: the update is only to install, if you shared the message with ten friends or three groups.

The sender of the virus message is always a friendly person – not a dubious advertising provider that most users would probably ignore. But how do you recognize the fraud then then? In this case the fact that a simple click promises a Smartphone upgrade. This is basically just the Google replay store available.

Also nasty subscription traps threaten on WhatsApp

Hackers drift for a long time on WhatsApp mischief: recently it was succeeded to publish a malicious advertisement that opened a window on the Smartphone. Is the assertion “today your WhatsApp expires” and a link to the site Many users didn’t notice the missing O in the Internet address. And so they believed themselves on the original page and installed the supposed update. They got something else, however. And a subscription for apps, games, and ringtones – for €5 per week.