New trends in Berlin, Pyramids as houses with multiple porpoise.

The Berlin architect Christoph Langhof presented an exemplary types of construction for urban living and work. Waived on a huge construction pit: because the rather low building in pyramid shape hides the building and parking in the basement but in the core of the building.

Particularly revolutionary the high-rise, which suggests the Berlin architect Christoph Langhof as his vision of living in the city does not, at first glance though. However, several simple or already existing ideas, which are bundled together, can make a big difference. It comes after Christoph Langhof, its high-rise building type “Epsilon” could shape future sustainable in city image of modern cities.

Photo Christoph Langhof 1

Mixed use in the high-rise building: living and working on different levels

German cities often struggle with high-rise buildings, but city planners know that building in the height in the future will be inevitable. The demand for residential and office space in the rapidly growing cities is huge and can be caught in also rising land prices, especially with the increase in levels. Monocultures of pure living or work towers can however also won’t be the answer. This looks similar to long Court and therefore has designed the “Epsilon” for hybrid use. The lower floors offer large areas for offices, libraries or garages located on the upper floors will be used.

Photo Christoph Langhof 2

The building in the shape of a tapering upward pyramid would be high, ideally, the architect, approximately 65 meters and 18 floors. Thus the necessary distance surfaces are preserved and the inhabitants were enough light and Sun. Also must at this level and not at least two escape stairwells are planned such as in higher buildings. The architect wants to sharply cut costs by he transferred important infrastructures in the House not in the basement but inside the building.

Infrastructure is at the core of the building

The entire building, parking spaces for electric car and bike as well as warehouses and hobby rooms, are no longer in the basements, but are spread over the whole building. Bikes or even your own electric car are located directly at the next door on the same floor. That in high-rise buildings do not usually deep excavation pits the Epsilon. No more than a basement is necessary, also the groundwater layer shall remain unaffected.

As regards energy efficiency, long Court wants to put “a milestone on the way to the zero energy building”. Heating, air conditioning and electricity are to cope largely in self-sufficiency and solar and wind energy. The architect also has a potential site. “An ideal location would be directly on the river Spree, in Kreuzberg Landwehr Canal versus flood ditch. It doesn’t get any better, because the Epsilon adds there in an ensemble of several high-rise buildings. The celestial alignment is perfect with the terraces to the South and overlooking the River North.”