New Sound Prism split soundweaves (ETH Lausanne)

Optical prisms all know perfectly-familiarize ourselves with them already on the lessons of Physics in elementary school. Researchers from the ETH Lausanne managed to last to create something even more interesting. The Prism, which shows the entire sound spectrum.


Prism, which in nature is not present (differently from the optical Prism, which can be used even drops of water-hence the screen), was designed in such a way as to its structure physically worked on sound waves in such a way that they are broken up into individual frequency components. Without any microphones, computers and electronics, and only with the help of simple membrane, it affects the propagation of sound wave in a different way for each frequency.

Probably it would be hard to imagine if it weren’t for the fact that all of us in the life of many a Prism optical has seen-and the principle is almost the same.