New Kazakhstan-Russian cosmodrome

In September, we can expect a decision on the Kazakhstan-Russian cosmodrome. In 2004, Russia signed with Kazakhstan, a former Soviet Republic, an agreement on the lease to 2050 Baikonur. Under this agreement in the Bajkonur would be the second, common Kazakhstanian-Russian space port.

Implementation from the beginning took place in time to the political relations between the two countries. In 2013, it became clear that built for BajtereK starting position for rocket Angara lost their meaning of existence. Despite the release of more than $ 2 billion, Russia has decided that the Angara will be competed only in Wostoczno. Both parties have recognized, therefore, that the position will be ballistic missile Zenit. Zenity participated then with Bajkonuru, but their owner, RKK Energia, planned to use this position for the heavier launch vehicles as rocket concept for Winter Olympics.

However, plans changed the policy. The occupation of Crimea and Russian-Ukrainian armed conflict meant that the production of rockets Zenit is in practice not possible.

After the meeting of the Intergovernmental Commission in the Nedelin catastrophe, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dimitr Rogozin has handed over that final decisions on the Bajterek to be taken in September: “Russia has drawn up a proposal and sent it to Kazakhstan; It contains the arrangement of components or a breakdown of the costs of the complex Bayterek monument. We hope that the agreement will be signed in September this year.” Rogozin added that this year, the two sides should sign yet a long-term cooperation agreement, for Bajkonur.

Photo: Kosmodrom, Bajkonur