New Ford GT Indestructible Windshields

It is five times as strong as a conventional windscreen: the front window of the new Ford GT. Because it consists of Gorilla glass, which prevents fall damage Smartphone displays so far. The American carmaker uses it for the first time in a production vehicle.

U.S. carmaker Ford and glass producer Corning came up with for the new Ford GT something special are: front and rear Windows of the car should consist of tough Gorilla glass that protects mainly smartphones displays from scratches and accident damage. Ford will be the first car manufacturer to which puts the expensive material in a production vehicle. “Our Gorilla glass survived durability tests to thousands of hours and is used for the first time in a production vehicle,” Corning CEO of Wendell weeks says.

New Ford GT Indestructible Windshields 2
2016 comes on the market new Ford GT : front and rear window of the super sports car are made of robust Gorilla Glass. Photo: Ford

Gorilla glass is five times more durable than conventional auto glass

The discs in the new GT owe their robustness a three-layer structure: the outer layer consists of regular soda lime glass, the sound-absorbing intermediate layer made of plastic and the inner layer made of Gorilla glass. In the production in one of about 400 ° C hot alkaline salt melt Corning covers this alkali aluminosilicate glass with a compressible layer. As a result, The entire disk should be five times more stable than regular auto glass.

Thanks to Gorilla glass, the windshield is not only stable, but also easier: for them is only between 3 and 4 mm thick – the classic laminated glass, which consists mostly of two laminated glass layers, is, however, up to 6 mm strong. Ford thus saving a 5.4 kg weight.

“The Ford GT sets new standards in terms of power-to-weight ratio,” says Hau Thai, Vice President of the Ford group.

The Ford GT is part of the high-performance model program by Ford: under the hood sits a 3.5 liter six-cylinder bi-turbo engine with 600 HP. It accelerates the seven-speed super sports car in about 3 seconds from zero to 100 km/h. Thanks to this acceleration also lightweight construction is: the body is made of carbon, front and rear frame structures made of aluminium. Ford wants to bring the GT 2016 in a small series of 250 copies on the market.