New date for Mars Mission InSight (project update)

After our report on 2 years delay on NASA Mars mission we have a little update for you, mission is to deliver to the surface of Mars probe, whose research will help you understand the drilling processes like the Rocky planets. Undoubtedly Mars and Earth are sharing the same main structure. Initially project start is scheduled for March 2016, but the fault of one of the main research instruments has proved to be so serious that the BROWSER must be redesign, build and tested with all instruments. It must take a while which is why the new start date is May 5, 2018, and landing on the red planet on November 26 2018.

The mission is extremely important for NASA and planning budget is very high. Expensive too which is why no mistake or failure on equipment is allowed. It is estimated that the new device should be ready by the end of 2017 to for a few months to pass a series of tests. After redesign period NASA will not have time to change anything, another delay is unacceptable said Felicia Chou (resp. NASA Astrophysics PR)