New Bugatti Chiron as best performing car on the production line

Its hard to say where to place new Bugatti. Science, engineering or maybe design or technology? One think is for sure: this one has it all, including our harts and dreams.
He will cost 2.4 million euro in its basic version, creates in the top 420 km/h.Most powerful production car in the world. Bugatti Chiron has obscene much Horsepower under the hood, because almost no longer mention. Starting Thursday, the runabout at the Geneva Motor Show is the showoff for new model.

Bugatti Chiron as best performing car on the production line
Bugatti Chiron as best performing car on the production line

Car fans who look at photos of the Bugatti Chiron will be open especially when looking at the dashboard of the mouth: the speedometer goes up to 500 km/h. Probably the ultra Streaker would reach also, however, the vehicle’s internal software sets a limit before: electronically to 420 km/h, an adjective and a number which in combination somehow absurd act. 420 km/h as a speed limit is still overwhelming.

Bugatti Chiron on the production line
Foto: Bugatti

Since the monstrous power of 1500 HP no longer surprising. Neither the maximum torque of 1600 Newton meters. This ensures that the Chiron only 6.5 seconds needs, from zero to 200! The 100 km/h mark crack it in less than 2.5 seconds and so, despite its weight of two tonnes, arguably the most bikes look old. Wants to be the rider with 300 km/h on the road must he be good 13 seconds “be patient” can.

The chassis consists of 3.3 million kilometers of carbon fibers protecting you from 420km/h impact.

Bugatti presents at the Geneva Motor Show is what a car of superlatives. To withstand the high speeds, the vehicle is named for the Monegasque driver Louis Chiron, via an extremely sturdy mono-coque, this is a frame that consists only of a part and carbon is in the case of Chiron. In the carbon-fiber mats, 3.3 million kilometers of carbon threads were processed. Unimaginable.

Bugatti Chiron
Foto: Bugatti

So that the brute force of the Veyron successor sweeps the car not from the roadway, it requires four-wheel drive and second extremely thick tires first. On the rear axle, 285er tires with 20-inch hang 355er slippers with rich 21-inch front. The 16 cylinders and eight liter displacement engine sucks so much fuel that less than ten minutes top speed would be enough to clear the 100 liter tank. Each minute 800 liters of water will be pumped through the coolant circuit.

16 cylinder engine accelerates in 13 seconds from 0 to 300 km/h

The Chiron has five different driving modes including a lift mode, which should lift the vehicle over bumps, a motorway mode, and the “Top Speed” mode. Only the latter provided peaks of over 400 km/h. To enable this mode, the second, crafted in leather key is however required.

The Super-Bugatti is limited to 500 copies and 2.4 million euro. NET without taxes and in the basic version. In the face of the vulgar price, its extreme exclusivity, as well as the many superlatives, which apply to the car, the question arises, why Bugatti throw this ultimately out skin. After all the parent company VW by the exhaust  affair diesel gate is still difficult scratched. Perhaps that is why?

No, because the Chiron group wants to make money. While the Veyron was built by Ferdinand Piëch, VW Patriarch on request and costs played virtually no role, the Chiron to earn money now. “Chiron project will make a positive contribution to net income,” said Bugatti Chief Wolfgang Dürheimer to magazine Auto Motor Sport.

Although the car is so expensive, one-third of the 500 copies are paid already. “Buyers have 200,000 euro or the dollar area deposited 250,000 dollars at us to get on the waiting list.” This Veyron driver are preferred. “We are experiencing now, that new customers are trying to buy a used Veyron to get on our list next upwards quickly.” If you can afford it.