New Bosch Car Assistant System (B.C.A.S.)

About 500 pedestrians come each year in German road to life. The Backup Wizard by Bosch could save at least some of them in the future life. The computer calculates an alternative route at risk of collision at lightning speed and supports the maneuvers of the driver.

How good is New Bosch Car Assistant System? Lets find out…

Own fault? If a pedestrian suddenly from the dark shows up and running on the road, motorists can often become unresponsive. Especially at the turning of the right, many motorists overlook pedestrians and cyclists. Also during the day.

Bosch Car Assistant System
Bosch engineer Lutz Bürkle has developed with his team the assistance system, which is supposed to protect especially pedestrian.

Motorists respond incorrectly, because they do not quickly enough the entire situation, are distracted or simply have not looked right over the shoulder. Such accidents have cost last year in Germany alone life 523 passers-by. Bosch wants to help with a new Backup Wizard, that this number is declining.

The system is how it works: A so called stereo camera, as it is already built into production vehicles, is placed near the rearview mirror and provides a three-dimensional (!) Picture of the environment of the car. A computer that was simply tucked in the test vehicle in the trunk, evaluates the information.

If for example a pedestrian before the car turns up, he calculates the probability of a collision and also a possible alternative route. Bosch project manager Lutz Bürkle explains that happen more than ten times in the second.

“60% of the clashes to prevent”

The computer takes control of the vehicle but in any case – it’s also already automated driving, and today only test way allowed on public roads. Google cars are currently in the traffic on the road, Daimler has let autonomously drive just a truck.

But braking is no longer enough and the driver to avoid trying to then the system supports the Steering motion if necessary, under certain circumstances, it reinforces the maneuver. “The driver reacts at least half a second before the collision, the assistance system can prevent our investigations according to 60% of the clashes”, says Bürkle.

The system of the market is still far away, but the development to be completed in three years. Main problem is the necessary precision. Bosch is working so intensely on the necessary algorithms for the computer. “To be able to accurately plan the alternative route we for example predict where the pedestrian will be expected in a second”, explains the project leader.

Bosch Car Assistant System 1
A new detection technique could warn motorists before crossing pedestrians and cyclists in the future, even if you are still not seeing. To do this, passers-by with transponders or mobile phones must be equipped. This could be in the knapsack, the walking stick or on the bicycle

Possibly the Backup Wizard can be Yes combine with the positioning system, jointly developed by research institutes and car manufacturers such as BMW and which detects pedestrians or cyclists already before the driver can see them.

Also help narrow passages in the city

The development work at Bosch, above all the precise interpretation of camera images, is also part of the overall strategy for automated driving. Up to the year 2020, the company wants to bring a so-called Highway pilot on the market, which actually temporarily takes control of the vehicle. Before new Task Wizard for example also in dense city traffic to help. He can, for example, in confined spaces, where once again parked the truck in a package in the second row, the scratch-free way through charge.