New Air Force One produced by Boeing

Boeing 747-8 is the only production aircraft, which fully meets the requirements posed by the mission to promote the President-said Deborah James, Secretary of U.S. aviation. Group was commissioned to produce two new machines, Air Force One, the presidential plane in the world.The Pentagon has officially announced that the contract for a new fleet for the u.s. President again moved to Boeing plants. The machine is constructed on the basis of the latest version of the Jumbo Jet, which is the 747-8. The document deals with the two machines with a total value of 1.65 billion dollars. The agreement also includes provisions on the start of design work and final preparations for the production of the aircraft, which was valued at more than $ 25 million. In further stages of the envisaged modifications of the contract and funding for the subsequent work on the new Air Force One. Currently at the disposal for President of the United States there are two copies of a machine constructed on the basis of the Boeing 747-200B.

Air Force One have after +30 years, replacement is necessary.

Among the demands placed by the Pentagon is the need to have four aircraft engines. In addition to JumboJeta, the only Airbus airplane offers that could be competition for us. Speech, of course, the biggest airplane passenger in the world Airbusie A380. No one, however, should not come as a surprise that Americans put on native production, and not on the equipment produced in Europe.

Air Force One
Air Force One

Citing the Pentagon’s information, provided on accession to the review of the market, the design of the new machines to be modified and equipped with special navigation and communication technologies systems. Boeing representatives indicate that the current Air Force One has the possibility of re-fuelling during flight, and its Board is “sky Oval Cabinet” and two kitchens where you can prepare meals for 100 people at a time.

Compared to its predecessor, the plane was extended by 4.1 in part two-level and at 1.5 parts of a one-level. The length of the plane is its wing span, m 76.3 68.5 m and height of 19.4 m. The machine can move at a maximum speed of 0.855 mach what is about 920 km/h.

Air Force One
Just like his pre-assesor New Air Force One produced by Boeing will also have possibility to re-fuel during the flight.

Each copy of the 747-8 will be equipped with the GEnx-2B. Their design is based on the model, the engine is the most powerful GE90 in aviation history. New engines, however, are lighter and more efficient. Together with sister design the GEnx-1B-Dreamlinery power-remain the only engines used in commercial aviation, where the fan blades are made of ultralight materials based on carbon composites. Thanks to these and other innovative solutions engines are much quieter, and their fuel consumption and CO2 emissions are about 15 percent less than in the engines CF6, which feature the current supply aircraft fleet of Air Force One.

The public does not hit information about the specific date when the new Air Force One enters into service, but says that it could take place after 2020.