Noted First Negative Energy Prices in EU

Such things exist only in Germany. And it would be nice to hear similar stories from different corners of the world. In the past week renewable energy sources was so over-produced that you had to get pay for its use. This happen for just a few hours but prognoses goes for all EU.

Especially Sunday was particularly beautiful day for proponents of renewable energy at the same time: it was sunny and windy. As a result, for about 13 hours all sources of this type of energy in Germany (not just sunny and windy, but also water and based on the use of biomass) provide 55 GW of energy, that is, until the 88 percent of the energy used at all (chart below).

Negative Energy Price
In last week German citizens got paid for using electricity. Chart: Agora Wind Energy (10.05.2016, 17.45)

In this situation for a couple of hours in effect we note negative electricity prices, which in practice meant that commercial users (industry) receive money for this energy of hoarding consumer goods. You can see it right in the following chart.

Germany plans to achieve 100% coverage of the renewable sources of energy by 2050.

Of course this was only a temporary phenomenon, which disappeared along with the Sunset on the horizon. You must, however be noted that on average last year the level of electricity from renewable energy sources in Germany amounted to 33 percent. This year will be even better (almost +38%).