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NASA searches for the twin Earth

Kepler’s telescope, which has searched the disputes area of space, has detected many promising exoplanets, which can control the conditions suitable for the development of life. Now NASA wants to collect a little improve tools to find promising planet and intends to send this to a special satellite.

The population of the planet is becoming greater, natural resources end up at a rapid pace and after some time you will need to look for a new home, for which humanity will be able to continue to grow. NASA using Kepler’s telescope is looking for such a home for several years and has found some promising planets. The telescope, however, may examine only the specified slice of the cosmos and for broader search you need to something else.

NASA is working on a satellite of TESS (Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite), which searches for planets suitable for life. Device Watch has the stars and search for on their background shadow planets circulating on orbits. Then calculate the size of the planet and the length of its orbit and scientists will determine whether outdoor just property for habitation.

TESS will be launched in 2017 or 2018 and within a two-year mission will monitor about 200 thousands of stars. It has the instruments to observe other celestial and cosmic phenomena, so will serve the study of supernovae, double stars, and even the supermassive black holes.