NASA robot repair service for high orbit satellites

NASA robot repair service for high orbit satellites

NASA is following footsteps of DARPA and wants to build the satellite, which will be used for installations on orbit. “Project Restore-L”: the Agency wants to reduce the amount of space junk orbiting our lovely Earth.

NASA has just got additional 127 million dollars to the company Space Systems/Loral, which will implement this plan.

NASA robot repair service for high orbit satellites

The task of the satellite service would be repairs, refueling and polls. In this way, the Agency could significantly extend their life, improve them with new elements, and most importantly, reduce the costs associated with the installation. The satellite will be equipped with robotic arms and extra tanks of fuel.

NASA will test your invention on the satellite Landsat-7, which will complement the fuel. Moves in a polar orbit at an altitude of 705 km above our heads. It is one of the important NASA installations, as it performs the photos of our planet, that later companies such as Google.

Recall that on a very similar project works well as a military agency DARPA. However, the device will be able to work even on the geostationary orbit, or about 35 thousand kilometers from the Earth, and will service the most important communication satellites, as well as a spy units.

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