NASA published more than a thousand photos of Mars

If you are a hungry space photography NASA prepared a real treat for you. Collection of over a thousand images in high resolution, which Mars HiRise camera on board the done using probe MRO (Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter).

These photos are really amazing, and to appreciate them fully try download while one of them in their original size and marvel at the details of the Martian sand dunes, craters and other geological structures on the surface of the red planet.

Of course, the entire catalog of images from HiRise are much bigger, and has more than 40,000 images, the camera performs pictures of Mars since 2005, but the latest screenshots are very large with cross-conducive factors.

First of all Mars every 26 months is in opposition to the Sun, on the opposite side of the Earth, so that the connection to the MRO probe is excellent and something like that just took place in May of this year-at the same time when the Sun’s rays illuminated the Martian equator, and so the photos are taken in a great light.

Full size photos of Mars.