NASA is going to Setup Fire in Space and watch

NASA wants to test the effects of a large fire in space. To this end, it intends to set fire to it posted on the orbit spacecraft.

NASA already has controlled fires in space, but so far not observed how flames spread inside the vessel placed in orbit.

It’s very important research, which are essential for the safety of current and future space missions, said Gary Ruff with the Glenn Research Center, one of the engineers responsible for the experiment.

In the experiment, named Satfire-1 will take part the capsule Orbital ATK Cygnus, which on March 23, will deliver supplies to the international space station (ISS). When the capsule will be discarded and the distance from the ISS, ground control calls in her fire. The researchers plan to measure the size of the flames, their temperature, greenhouse, and the pace of their spread.

Experimental fire will last 20 minute drive away. After his arrival, Cygnus will burn in the Earth’s atmosphere.