NASA disaster: second order for SpaceX

NASA: government agency with billions of tax dollars, hiring best engineers on the world is not able again to do a simple task. Late last week placed an order for another mission in Elona’s Musk’s SpaceX. The ship Dragon will have to provide the astronauts on board of the International Space Station.

This means that NASA has made two orders, both SpaceX and Boeing, and now both companies race to it, who can first safely perform a manned mission. Time is important because whoever wins in this race, will have a handicap over the rivals, but safety is even more important-a disaster can mean problems not only for one company, but for the entire private sector.

SpaceX plans to first manned tests more or less for the year, and Boeing your Starlinera check about half a year later-for now take place all the time tests unmanned whole ships and their individual components.