NanoLayer disrupts the bacteria

Soon our plans in the fight against bacteria can prove to nanotechnology. International Group of chemists managed to last to create NanoLayer, which consists of a miniature “nails” literally treated bacteria by touch.

A new shell is composed of black silicon, that under a microscope looks like a “Bed of Fakir” its surface looks like a packed with nails. These nails are tiny so the bacteria and any other small organisms are subjected to by a huge mechanical stresses and are pulled apart, while the human cells behave like a fakir, are just for those nails too big to them real harm.

The shell, which was created with black Silicon (bSi), is so revolutionary in this respect, that it is completely harmless to human cells and does not cause in our body immune response, and deadly to bacteria-can therefore be used for coating a variety of implants or to create any other devices and equipment to be disease-resistant to pathogens.