Nano-Paint prevents bacterial infestation on metal parts

Metal parts so far can only be painted with great effort to continuously protect from bacteria. That takes time and money. Also that does not work well. It means for patients with implants a big risk if it does not succeed, really to eliminate the bacterial infection. A team of Israeli researchers now believes to have found the solution: “Nano Coating”.

Metal parts on which bacteria can settle, can permanently protect against the formation of so-called biofilms through a Nano thin metal lacquer. Researchers of the Department of biotechnology engineering of Ben-Gurion University in Israel have developed this Nano Paintwork, promises possible wide range of application. She could be used not only in medicine, but also in food production or shipping.

Metals attract usually bacteria

If bacteria come with water and metals in contact, a Biofilm is formed usually quickly. Which always follows the same scheme: first move as firmlyas possible to combine small amounts of bacteria that have the task of themselves with each other and with the metal surface. In the course of time, the initially empty areas between these settlements are then settled by them. When this is done, the bacteria forming the Biofilm emit small search parties. Their task is to discover more resettlement opportunities and to get stuck there.

The Biofilm surface are bigger and older, also their fighting becomes difficult. This applies to the mechanical control by scrubbing with a brush as well as for the chemical control with antibiotics. In extreme cases, it may be necessary to operate on a patient, whose metal implants, about a hip made of titanium or organic films are heavily attacked, to remove the harmful Biofilm.

Nano paintwork is working with chemically-treated metals

The new nano strong livery consists of metals, which are chemically treated. The metals and specifically studied in Israel for their suitability for nano coating is mainly copper and zinc. Work seem progressed most in zinc. It is spoken for nano coating of “Metal complex film” (MCFs).

The chemical ingredient that goes in these Nano protective coating, is a Microalgal polysaccharides. As the Israeli researchers point out, these Nano Skins against heat as well as printing are resistant and can be used also for permanent use.

Nano-Painting use in medicine and dental

The new coating should first “in medical implants, devices and surgery facilities be used where a bacterial infection can lead to chronic diseases, permanent resistance to antibiotics and thus a threat to the human immune system”, stressed the Israeli team of researchers in a joint statement.

For the use in medicine, the scientists expect applications mainly in the food industry, marine technology and the protection of bridges.

A newly developed pavement promises better chances of cure for wounds infected with bacteria. Ultra small filaments pull the bacteria from injury and can then heal the wound alone.

The top row of the image shows the untreated organic film on metal surfaces. In the second series same surfaces are purely the nano coating based on chemically-treated copper after the chemical treatment, and including the metal surfaces to see. Photo: Negev University of technology