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Naked 3D Fitness Tracker (mirror), will tell you how many kilos you loose.

When we fight against unnecessary kilograms very important is the accurate measurement of the body. Help us in this different kind of weight measuring the level of body fat and optical compares.And what would you say to the mirror, which will create your 3D model and you will be informed about the progress of the grounds for further exercises.

Naked Labs just launched its latest priority of the invention of the mirror is equipped with a 3D webcam Intel RealSense, weight and analysis all the data and providing the user with the appropriate feedback. After the encounter with the weight, the webcam in the mirror creates a three-dimensional scan of our body. Then in the application you can compare the data to previous measurements and see the current changes, the colors are highlighted by parties, in which we have gained/lost muscle and fat.

Such visual development on data, including statistics and is able to fully motivate for further training. It is also a cool way to observe your body during pregnancy. Dedicated application is available for iOS and Android.

Naked 3D Fitness Tracker App
Naked 3D Fitness Tracker App

Unfortunately, Naked Fitness 3D Tracker is not a cheap device. Its price in advance is $ 499. The first copies will hit customers in March next year.