Mysterious object on Neptune orbit

Scientists have discovered a mysterious object located on the outskirts of the solar system. Little we know about it, and that’s what has so far managed to determine, in General does not make sense.

Property named Niku seems to be the trans-neptun object (TNO), that is, one that is orbiting the Sun beyond Neptune’s path. The TNO belong body size of Pluto and smaller. Although astronomers know of the existence of many asteroids in Kuiper (objects smaller than the planets that are not comets), Niku behaves differently from the rest of them.

Before all, Niku revolve around Sun in the inclined plane, which is the concept in relation to the plane of the solar system. Orbit Niku extends over the plane of the solar system.

The weird thing is is that while almost all of the objects in our solar system orbit the Sun in the same direction (retrograde motion), Niku travels in another page (how retrogradation inverses). This is not the first trans-Neptunian object of that type, but if you add to that the slope of the orbit, we get a picture of the very unusual dwarf planet.

Our observations suggest that in the outer solar system happens to be something we are not fully aware of, “said Matthew Holman, an astrophysicist with the Harvard-Smithsonian Centre for Astrophysics.

Homan was part of an international team of scientists who discovered the Niku using telescope Pan-STARRS in Hawaii.

Niku is 160 thousand times smaller than Neptune. The diameter of this dwarf planet may be less than 200 km. Scientists the most wonders bizarre orbit Niku, which is against the current with everything else in the solar system.

Angular momentum forces make all the objects of the solar system should rotate in the same way.

To Niku move contrary to other bodies of the solar system, he had to come in contact with something else or be push-outĀ from its original orbit. So far, scientists do not know, however, what exactly has this large deviation orbits of Niku. It is possible that the Niku is a member of the group moving objects that have adapted to the plane of the solar system.