Mysterious Microbe kills Senior Citizens

Sometimes it happens that the harmless micro-organisms mutate to show teeth, and it looks like that now happens with bacteria, Elizabeth King family (named after the famous biolog), take on the target people with a weakened immune system, in this case mainly older.

This family, belong to four species, is very widespread widely it can be found for example in mosquitoes. So far, however, this was not a problem, because it was benign. The problem started, however, this year, when it was noted the first cases of infection, including 20. Fatal (until 2/3 of all infected).

Illinois death linked to Wisconsin outbreak
Illinois death linked to Wisconsin bacteria. Photo: Science News

For the time being its victim are people with weakened immune systems, mainly older, but really no one can feel safe, the more that two out of the four species of Elizabeth King do not work no antibiotics combined with the fact that this bacterium begins to appear in hospitals, it may be the next big threat posed even during minor surgical procedures.

Now, further research is needed, but the health service must be on guard.