Most Important Construction Exhibition in Germany.

The building is one of the central themes of the construction trade fair Bautec, which will take place in Berlin from February 16 to 19. The Bautec is one of the most important Construction Exhibition in Germany. Further focus are the use of IT in the metal industry and energetic modernization.
Almost all areas of the construction industry will present new developments from next Tuesday on the Bautec at the Berlin Funkturm. In Berlin, the industry expects more than 500 exhibitors from 17 countries. With many exhibitors ventilation and heating is represented – the building materials industry, as well as the building technology with a focus on plumbing.

In its 17th Edition, the Bautec in numerous events provides the most important issues of the industry. These were probably rare as high socio-economic topicality as this year.

Focus on cheap, sustainable building

Last but not least against the background of the numerous refugees in the country, cheaper and quality housing is needed quickly. “Against the background of high net immigration to Germany we need in addition every year 140,000 apartments for rent”, said Michael Knipper, Chief Executive Officer of the Central Office of the German construction industry, at the presentation of the exhibition program. “This task is only to create, if we focus on the serial construction, meaning instead to produce unique, we need to plan prototypes implemented throughout series.”

And so it is called “Construction plan and build and promote housing” on the opening day (February 16) at a Congress of the Federal Ministry for environment, nature conservation, construction and reactor safety (BMUB). From 11 o’clock, Federal Environment Minister Barbara Hendricks asks what all must make the industry for a successful offensive in housing industry.

Based on the theme, there will be a special show to affordable and sustainable housing on all four days of the fair. There present companies and service providers action recommendations, such as the enormous housing shortage can be eased this year.

Defense against hackers, viruses and Trojans

The opportunities and risks of the use of the software in the construction industry are another focus of the Bautec. Digitalization is increasing also in the construction industry. The exhibition integrated into the Bautec and Conference “Metal IT” is dedicated to data theft, viruses and hacks, these nuisances on February 18.

Berlin City Hall
Construction site in Berlin City Hall. Berlin in the summer 2015. The construction trade fair Bautec deals this year with major projects, but against the background of the refugee crisis, including the construction of affordable and sustainable housing.

In times of industrial 4.0, an computer intruder unassuming at first glance can theoretically paralyze the entire production chain. The offer in the Marshall House is primarily aimed at metal workers, planners, architects, construction engineers, and medium-sized companies.

Software vendors will show how the metal-working industry successfully can protect themselves against digital pests. Also is pursued the issue, as the tool IT can be used actively to facilitate business processes in the sense of increased competitiveness.

Energetic modernization emphasis

The third major theme of the Bautec 2016 is the energetic upgrading of housing. Under the auspices of the Federal Association of building renewal (BAKA) visitors are taught in several events understanding and expertise on energy efficiency, but also for barrier-free living. From 16 to 19 February agenda includes among other things the Forum “future construction practice building” the “innovations point”.