Beautiful and the Most Expensive Motor Boat. (Aston Martin)

In the century of its existence the company Aston Martin, known primarily for luxury cars, announced that it intends to enter in other segments of the market design and showed AM37 Super Motor Boat. For a long time about this idea was quietly, until now. Recently the company announced that it is presenting the first copy.

If you think that a car manufacturer can not build a motorboat.. well…, then so are we reassure you that it will not have the wheels, or engines taken over from one of the cars. Aston Martin in this project closely collaborates in the Dutch company Quintessence Yachts, which employs the best professionals from a range of design and construction of yachts and boats.

Aston Motor Boat

For luxurious drive units are two powerful petrol engines Mercury, each with a capacity of 600 KM has it disperse the boat to a speed of at least 60 knots (111 km/h). For a little less rich customers spent on petrol engines, which with a capacity of 520 KM can not do exceptional performance diesel unit 370 KM each.

Another element which the producer takes to motorboat. AM37 we will be able to buy as a family “Grand Tourer” and sports a faster variation of the “S”. The boat will measure the length of the metro tube wagon (11.28m) made of composite materials and wood.

However, not the same materials, but the way their connections and numerous additional mechanisms to provide for the innovative approach of the design team. Moved here part of the philosophy known from passenger cars. Press the key and the car is ready to drive. Press again, and you can safely leave your car on the parking lot. Here is supposed to be the same. Are something along the lines of the roof of the convertible-finite cruise at the touch of a key, AM37 automatically ejects and lay out the roof, protecting the Interior from bad weather conditions and unauthorized access by others. Even the idea of automatically made ladders, to facilitate boarding.

Aston boat

As befits a luxury product and built in the 21st century, the entire air conditioning system, and even a fridge and coffee maker are installed on the boat what with controlled remotely toy is a little too much. Crossing limits of practical approach to boat design this fresh manufacture decide to start coffee machine from your own home. When we find ourselves on board all necessary commands are able to edit. And this is what passengers can advanced, multimedia audio-video system, monitoring and control systems or even navigation are fully customized and easy to learn. Voice control is also available, next to the more classical way through 15-inch touch screens.

In addition to technological gadgets we can also count on the highest quality on finishing materials. Precious wood, leather and well prepared and treated metals. Most parts of the boat is carried out manually and also manually folding into one whole. Aston Martin does not hide that want to create a motorboat, that will be worthy of James Bond.

Interestingly, the first copies of the AM37 drop the shipyard Southampton (in the uk) later this year. If it goes for the price, it’s that as long as no. However, you can assume that it will be set at a level of luxury products by Riva. Here the amount goes back to $ 1 million apiece, and even more.