Get a Pilot license. Most Beautiful Plane is waiting for you…

So it looks like a plane designed by obsessive aviation and automotive industry, which sought inspiration in the Mercedes and Maserati. Valkyrie has a chance to become the most beautiful machine in its class.

The plane is born, is a beautiful and very futuristic. I do not know whether you can see in him the inspiration of Maserati, but it has happened we can see significance influence. In the eyes immediately throws up a powerful cockpit Hood, the largest in this type of machines. It is also characteristic of a duck, which is placed in the height rudder before wings. Thanks to this plane designers is not only easier and safer to pilot (with low risk on dragging, or loss of lift in the air), but it also consumes much less fuel. Less than a comparable structure.

Beautiful Plane
Beautiful Plane

The design of the aircraft equipment make the Valkyrie as very easy to use for any pilot. After start-up of the engine runs like a car. Even if you’re a bad pilot, your errors will be forgiven” said David Loury, the designer of the aircraft.

His startup called Cobalt plans to advance an experimental version in this year. In turn, in the middle of the future should appear ready Variant. Will not be cheap but very compact and easy to use on even smallest airports. Interested parties must reckon with the expense of the order of $560k plus extras.

We have no doubt that this plane is excellent choice for quick transport.

Cobalt plane