The Mono Spinner has only a single rotor

Swiss researchers have developed a strange flying machine. It rotates around itself. Its rotor rotates in the opposite direction. The Mono Spinner has only a single moving part, just the rotor.

She turns or spins it again? Really sure, Swiss researchers are by no means that their strange flying machine is in the air. Therefore they experiment preferably in a separate with panels, perhaps 6 x 6 m large, the bottom of which are designed with mattresses. They intercept the device called Mono spinner gently when it comes to the ground uncontrollably. It is the latest creation from Weixuan Zhang, Mark W. Müller and Raffaello D’ Andrea from the Institute for Dynamic Systems and Controls (IDSC) at the Technical University from Zurich (ETH Zurich). You had left earlier, Marvel the world around with a pack of Quad-rotor that together forged a bridge that could be committed by people.

Control over the speed

The Mono Spinner has only a single moving part, just the rotor. Which would be a stagger device. There was not another force that not only prevents that, but also a reasonably controlled flight could be too. This power applies the whole device, it turns against the direction of the rotor.

Before both tours are needed a trick: the rotor of the Mono spinners must turn, before the experimenter starts the device like a helps, so put him in rotation by hand. It is operated only on the speed of the rotor, which allows tilting it, are trees up, drop it so or rise. This work by hand, but with the help of a program that converts the control commands. Errors of balance ensure similar as with one or two-wheeled transportation devices like the Segway, for changes of direction. The battery that powered the Mono spinner, is located in one of the two arms, the electronics in the other.

Mono Spinner, single rotor
Start Help needed: only when the rotor of the Mono spinners reaches a certain speed, the connection to the mast can be solved. Or you throw it by hand as a helps in the air. photo: ETH Zurich/IDSC

Mast as starting aid keep equilibrium intact

Instead of by hand, you can start the device with an auxiliary structure. It is mounted on a small mast and on tours. Is the required rotor speed and the opposing movement of the whole device reached the connection is released and the Mono spinner staggers away.

Work provided researchers with a Quadro-copter, whose rotors are partially shut down. You could show that he was still airworthy in this State, even with a single drive. Not only that, the Zurich want to construct now a flying machine that has no moving part.