Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Over 900 Exhibitors

She has a bit of the CES in Las Vegas and the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The Embedded World is the largest exhibition worldwide, which takes care of embedded systems. Internet autonomous systems, E-mobility and energy efficiency by smart systems. The industry in Nuremberg meets from February 23 to 25.More than 900 exhibitors from 42 countries eligible for three days in the Nuremberg exhibition halls. 1600 speakers will offer 25,000 expected visitors at Embedded World talks about the latest developments. The development drivers are industry 4.0 and the trend towards autonomous driving. Machines like cars are increasingly networked, independently respond to errors, interruption or dangerous situations.

Systems must function even in case of defects

Example car: Fraunhofer researchers are working on autonomous systems for the car, which continue to work even if the failure of sensors or subsystem. At the Fraunhofer Association booth the researchers want to introduce their electrical and electronic architecture, which guarantees the functioning of autonomous steering control while driving so long, until the person may intervene again. Ensure research results, which are also for systems in the production of interest. Finally the damage can be too big, if control systems fail.

3D printers on the Embedded World: Exhibition deals among other things also as networked production can be better protected. To do so, security expert Eugene Kaspersky also will speak.
3D printers on the Embedded World: Exhibition deals among other things also as networked production can be better protected. To do so, security expert Eugene Kaspersky also will speak.

It is also clear that the autonomous system security plays an increasingly important role given the large number of hacker attacks and malicious software. So embedded is dedicated to world security of embedded systems a special area. The skepticism of the companies is still great. So see 56% of the companies of technologies, used for the networking of machines, still with concern. Therefore, security for hard and software, protection are on the special area and discussions from outer attacks and protection against piracy in the Center.

A test of the TÜV Süd has shown that the fear of external attacks is entitled. Therefore even the smallest infrastructures in the network are attacked to introduce for example malicious software.

Kaspersky talks about security in the Internet

In the lecture Forum Eugene Kaspersky, head of the security company of Kaspersky Lab, Prof. Nikolaus Forgó will express himself to Security Chief at NXP semiconductors of the Institute for legal informatics of the University of Hannover and Dr. Mathias Wagner.

Experts from well-known companies are present protection solutions and secure transmission channels, as well as explain how security at different levels of targeted plan and build up can be.

Also the classic topics such as system, software and hardware engineering don’t miss out and are prominently represented with continuous sessions, as well as several classes in the Conference program. More topics of the exhibition are miniaturization of systems for higher computing capacity, efficient communication of often also mobile networked systems distributed intelligence, as well as solutions for future topics such as E-mobility and energy efficiency.

“The dynamics of the industry is continuing apace,” says Prof. Dr. ing. Matthias Sturm, Chairman of fair Advisory Board and Conference Chair of the Embedded World. The exhibition and the Conference of security “for the community the most important platform to exchange ideas at a high level and to inform”.